Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fullerton Portrait Photography - { Lissette : Just for fun! }

I met up with Lissette for a VERY quick session just before the sun went down today.
It was the shortest portrait session I have ever shot, but some how we risked our lives multiple times. Eh, scary! But it made for a very fun adventure, and some really fun shots! I only wish we had more time for all the locations we found later on our detour back to the car.

Thanks Lissette! I had an awesome time on our adventure!


  1. Yummy light + train tracks = awesomeness! Great shots!

  2. great photos! I love the composition and lines in the first one, and the sun flair in the 3rd to last one is AWESOME!!!! Great work!!

  3. Drive by blogger...I love your photos. The colors are beautiful. Good job girl!


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