Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day at the Natural History Museum

My husband and I went to visit the Natural History Museum yesterday , it was really fun just to go and take our time checking it out - and do something completely diffrent than what we normally do on our days off. I snapped a few pictures while we were poking around and thought I would share - (but don't check them out too hard , these are straight out of my little camera.)

Some very pretty gems/rocks...etc.

A few from the insect and reptile area...

So we were walking along and there was this diorama type thing explaining the steps the mother turtles have to go through to lay her eggs and have her babies....well at the very end - there was this one about how the birds apparently come swoop up the babies and fly off with them. Now I find that very sad and not funny at all.....but you have to admit that this diorama is pretty funny with the fake bird holding the (glued on) fake baby turtle in its mouth and flying off....well at least we thought it was pretty hilarious (Sorry baby turtles!!!)

Fun with horns.

Dinos! We have to wait till 2011 for the big dino exhibit to open back up again :(

running off .....

I thought this shadow was pretty great.

The end.
(yes.....I am very short)

Monday, September 22, 2008

La Mirada Wedding Photography - { Amir & Ashley: Married! }

Amir is another friend that I also knew from church and high school!

Amir contacted me about a month ago to shoot his intimate chapel wedding. Unfortunately it was pretty early in the day and I already had some plans that were set in stone and made months ago for that morning. Then a few days before the wedding, I get a call from Amir once more telling me they did not find any one else – and by that time I also had plans that evening! But there’s no way I could leave them with out any pictures of their big day! So I adjusted a few things and came to get a few shots at their adorable chapel wedding at St. Paul of the Cross Church- just around the corner from where I live - in La Mirada, and also grabbed a few family portraits. Amir and Ashley have a beautiful family. I shot new born portraits of their amazing daughter last year, and now they have a son on the way – due in a few weeks! I can’t wait to meet their new addition! Their intimate ceremony and reception were the perfect way to celebrate family and I am so glad that I was able to squeeze it into the busy day! :)

Such an adorable little chapel
Ashley waiting patiently for her missing attendant

This little girl was seriously cracking me up - making faces at the guys behind her

Amir's buddies having a good time - played with something a little different & fun here.
Click the photo to view larger , I LOVE the texture of the veil!

One word : fierce!

Hes almost here!

Thanks so much Amir and Ashley, I cant wait to meet your new addition very soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disneyland Engagement Photography - { Krystal & Anthony : Engaged! }

So I have known Krystal and Anthony for quite a while now. We all used to go to the same church back in high school, and Krystal and I had a few classes together. But I would say we really became good friends while I was planning my own wedding. She was so supportive and was always there to listen to all my crazy plans. When it came down to my big day, she was 100% there to help along with my bridesmaids – no questions asked! :) ……she was even there for my one “moment” of the whole day that I almost lost it (just for a second) when I realized that my flowers (that I was so sooo excited about) – did not turn out at all how I ordered them – and guess who made the phone call before I could mess up my fresh make up? Yup, Krystal! Let me tell you, Good friends are there to call florists and tell them how it is. Needless to say – Krystal took care of business and mostly every thing was fixed. You may be wondering what the point of this story is….. Well basically, that Krystal is an amazing girl who is there when you need a friend (not only just to take care of the flowers either), and I could not be any happier for her and Anthony. Krystal and I were talking about me shooting her wedding next September and I was really excited after hearing about all the beautiful details. Then…. I was asked to be a bridesmaid!! How cool is that? So the first people we both thought of after that was Matt and Molly of Mathieu Photography (who did an amazing job shooting my wedding). So I am really excited that they will be shooting Krystal and Anthony’s wedding!

Krystal and Anthony wanted to take their engagement pictures at the ridiculously fun California Adventure…… as you can see below…..we had a blast.

As you would expect, we had an awesome time!
P.s. I know my posts are way long.....I cant help it though. I dont know how you photographers are able to narrow them down. I will have to work on it ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The OC Fair

Okay so I know I am really late on this post - but I did go to the fair this year, and here is some proof.

Lovin the colors!

(Dani, don't kill me for posting this one...... its just so fun)

The fair = delish BBQ and Australian potatoes!

Annnnndddd of course a couple of the hubby and I .........

One more photo booth strip to add to the collection!
Oh how I would LOVE to shoot an engagement session at the fair one of these days.