Monday, September 22, 2008

La Mirada Wedding Photography - { Amir & Ashley: Married! }

Amir is another friend that I also knew from church and high school!

Amir contacted me about a month ago to shoot his intimate chapel wedding. Unfortunately it was pretty early in the day and I already had some plans that were set in stone and made months ago for that morning. Then a few days before the wedding, I get a call from Amir once more telling me they did not find any one else – and by that time I also had plans that evening! But there’s no way I could leave them with out any pictures of their big day! So I adjusted a few things and came to get a few shots at their adorable chapel wedding at St. Paul of the Cross Church- just around the corner from where I live - in La Mirada, and also grabbed a few family portraits. Amir and Ashley have a beautiful family. I shot new born portraits of their amazing daughter last year, and now they have a son on the way – due in a few weeks! I can’t wait to meet their new addition! Their intimate ceremony and reception were the perfect way to celebrate family and I am so glad that I was able to squeeze it into the busy day! :)

Such an adorable little chapel
Ashley waiting patiently for her missing attendant

This little girl was seriously cracking me up - making faces at the guys behind her

Amir's buddies having a good time - played with something a little different & fun here.
Click the photo to view larger , I LOVE the texture of the veil!

One word : fierce!

Hes almost here!

Thanks so much Amir and Ashley, I cant wait to meet your new addition very soon!

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