Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our HUGE (like really really big) promotion!!

Hi Friends! So we have never done anything like this, and probably never will again - but I am SO excited to share our awesome promo going on till the end of the year (Only a few weeks left!).

Do you "like" our page on Facebook? Our Facebook friends got this announcement on Black Friday, and are currently entering our raffle for a yummy Starbucks gift card. All of our promos usually only show up on Facebook, so thats where all the goodies are at! Click "like" on the Facebook link on the right side of the blog (or click the link above) to join in the fun! :)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Claremont Engagement Photography - { Brittney and Seth : Engaged! }

A few weeks ago I got to head out to Claremont to hang out with Brittney and Seth for their engagement portraits! The day was pretty rainy and super chilly, but we thought we would give it a go anyway, and I am SO glad we did! (despite me ending up in urgent care the following day ;) ). 
The cloudy day made for some lovely light for this super sweet couple, and I loved that we had to pull out the umbrellas every once in a while. I had so much fun checking our their home town where they both grew up, met in school and fell in love. :)

Brittney and Seth, I hope you enjoy your preview! We can't wait for your big day! :)

Brittney, didn't I tell you that you would look amazing in pictures!? Yup, you do! 
You are crazy for thinking for a second otherwise! :)

Oh how I loved all of these sweet cuddles in the rain! :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Temecula Wedding Photography - { Stephanie & Louie : Married! }

To say that we LOVE Stephanie and Louie would be an understatement. These two are so fun and down to earth....and their wedding day reflected their personalities perfectly. We got to Monteleone Meadows and we were so excited about this adorable venue! Stephanie and Louie did a first look on an adorable dock (and first looks always mean a calm , easy day) , and the day just flowed so perfectly with lots of time for plenty of portraits in the most dreamy light. Speaking of portraits....Sean had noticed an old rope swing while checking out the venue, and casually mentioned it to Stephanie as we were doing their formal portraits , and Stephanie exclaimed "Where is it!? I am so getting on it!" , and that ladies and gents - its how to get some super fun portraits (some of my favorites I have ever taken, by FAR!) . 

Stephanie and Louie, thank you SO much for choosing us to be part of your day. We had SO much fun and felt so lucky to be there. You two are such a rad couple and we seriously want to hang out with you two again super soon! :) Enjoy your preview!!

Stephanie is beyond beautiful!

 And Louie is pretty darn handsome too! 

How fun is this group portrait of all of their wedding guests!? So fun!!

Such a beautiful couple! :)

A few of this fantastic rope swing that we SO loved!

Honestly, Stephanie you are the best for being so fun, and so willing to have a good time in a wedding dress! :)

The wedding day team:

Photography: Us! Blair Nicole Photography
Wedding venue: Monteleone Meadows
Florist: Fifty Flowers
Make up artist: Chelsea Simcox
Hair Stylist: Diane Hood
Baker: Jodee's Bakery
DJ : Sound Garden Productions