Monday, June 30, 2008

Sophia - 1 year old!

Yesterday I met up with Yajayra and Rick to shoot some pictures for Sophia’s 1st birthday! Sophia was ADORABLE…..a little shy with the smiles, but they were so worth the wait when they did come out…..oh and her little random expressions were to die for! You may remember seeing a shot of Sophia in Sue Ellen’s wedding pictures…. Rick (Sophia’s dad) is Sue Ellen’s uncle! Oh and of course Brooklyn (the big pup) got in on some of the pictures too , because he was too cool not to!

I just loved this family and really hope to be able to take more pictures for them in the future.
Any friends and family that would like to view more photos from this session, or place an order, please e-mail me for link to the personal web page set up for this session. Blairvanbussel @

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My awesome kids.

My children deserve a blog post. They are amazing and brighten every single day .

Rocko is our big boy - we adopted him from the pound when Sean and I were first out on our own when we were 18 :) . Hes such a good sport (with his little sister always bossing him around and takin his toys) and an awesome dog all around!

Cali on the other hand is my little baby, shes our little AKC pup that I just HAD to have and waited very patiently for . I grew up with Cockers and could not stand not having one. But shes not just any Cocker Spaniel . Shes pretty much the best little girl ever!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Los Angeles Trash the Dress Photography - { Sue Ellen : Trash the Dress! }

So there's no way Sue Ellen could look less than beautiful.......we all know that!
But - Oh Man! She really worked it out in this session that I know we were both really excited about.