Monday, January 23, 2012

We have moved on to a new beautiful blog! :)

Hi friends!!

So I am about to jump into my 5th year shooting weddings...yeah, pretty darn awesome! So I figured it was about time that I started sprucing up my on-line game a bit, and I am so so sooooo excited to share that we have a brand new pretty blog! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have a little piece of internet home that just feels so much like "me". It just makes me so happy to be able to show my blog readers who I really am. :)

So for now on you can check out my newest weddings, portraits and our crazy family updates over on our new blog : . For those of you who are RSS subscribers, feel free to subscribe over on our new blog here.

So go check it out (and please be patient with the little quirks I am still working on) , and be sure to keep up with all of the fun we are about to have in 2012!

All my love,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Orange County Maternity Photographer - {Destiny - Expecting!}

Can I just start off by saying I much I just loved this sweet maternity session!? Everything about it was right up my alley and just a dream to photograph! So needless to say, I am super excited to share these with you! :)

Destiny and her hubby are about ready to welcome her first baby Willow into their little family, and I was so delighted to photograph her! Destiny and I went to high school together and hadden't seen each other since we graduated, so I had a fantastic time walking around with her (and her sweet pup Sophie), and catching up. Destiny is just such a beautiful lady on the inside and out! 

Destiny, I hope you enjoy your preview - and I just can't wait to photograph precious little Willow when she arrives! :)

See what I mean?! Destiny is just gorgeous!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Whittier Wedding Photography - { Christy & Ben : Married! }

I was so excited to capture the love of Christy & Ben on their big day! And my old friend made such a beautiful bride! We felt pretty lucky to be the ones to photograph their  ceremony and portraits! :)

Christy and Ben definitely had one of the biggest bridal parties we have photographed so far, and it was SO fun! Christy and I go way back, so it was pretty cool that 3 of my other fun girlfriends were in the bridal party too! :)

The moment that we started taking Christy & Ben's portraits, the clouds gave out on us and it really started to rain! But we worked quickly got in a few portraits as fast as we could! :)

As we were heading back to the car to get out of the rain I snagged these last few shots along the Long Beach harbor, and they are some of my very favorites of the day! :)

Our very last shot of the day, before everyone got tucked away into their warm dry cars :)

The wedding day team:

Photographers : Us! Blair Nicole Photography
The brides beautiful hair and make up: Hair by Dottie
Videographer: Unlimited Thought Productions
Ceremony location: St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church
Portrait location: The Long Beach Lighthouse / Shoreline Aquatic Park


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our HUGE (like really really big) promotion!!

Hi Friends! So we have never done anything like this, and probably never will again - but I am SO excited to share our awesome promo going on till the end of the year (Only a few weeks left!).

Do you "like" our page on Facebook? Our Facebook friends got this announcement on Black Friday, and are currently entering our raffle for a yummy Starbucks gift card. All of our promos usually only show up on Facebook, so thats where all the goodies are at! Click "like" on the Facebook link on the right side of the blog (or click the link above) to join in the fun! :)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Claremont Engagement Photography - { Brittney and Seth : Engaged! }

A few weeks ago I got to head out to Claremont to hang out with Brittney and Seth for their engagement portraits! The day was pretty rainy and super chilly, but we thought we would give it a go anyway, and I am SO glad we did! (despite me ending up in urgent care the following day ;) ). 
The cloudy day made for some lovely light for this super sweet couple, and I loved that we had to pull out the umbrellas every once in a while. I had so much fun checking our their home town where they both grew up, met in school and fell in love. :)

Brittney and Seth, I hope you enjoy your preview! We can't wait for your big day! :)

Brittney, didn't I tell you that you would look amazing in pictures!? Yup, you do! 
You are crazy for thinking for a second otherwise! :)

Oh how I loved all of these sweet cuddles in the rain! :)