Monday, December 5, 2011

Claremont Engagement Photography - { Brittney and Seth : Engaged! }

A few weeks ago I got to head out to Claremont to hang out with Brittney and Seth for their engagement portraits! The day was pretty rainy and super chilly, but we thought we would give it a go anyway, and I am SO glad we did! (despite me ending up in urgent care the following day ;) ). 
The cloudy day made for some lovely light for this super sweet couple, and I loved that we had to pull out the umbrellas every once in a while. I had so much fun checking our their home town where they both grew up, met in school and fell in love. :)

Brittney and Seth, I hope you enjoy your preview! We can't wait for your big day! :)

Brittney, didn't I tell you that you would look amazing in pictures!? Yup, you do! 
You are crazy for thinking for a second otherwise! :)

Oh how I loved all of these sweet cuddles in the rain! :)


  1. my tio and tia r so cute!

  2. I love them all! Great shoots on a rainy day!

  3. OMG blair i love love looooooove this session so much. You can feel the love these two have for each other and the editing is timeless. Seriously this is fantastic work.


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