Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day at the Natural History Museum

My husband and I went to visit the Natural History Museum yesterday , it was really fun just to go and take our time checking it out - and do something completely diffrent than what we normally do on our days off. I snapped a few pictures while we were poking around and thought I would share - (but don't check them out too hard , these are straight out of my little camera.)

Some very pretty gems/rocks...etc.

A few from the insect and reptile area...

So we were walking along and there was this diorama type thing explaining the steps the mother turtles have to go through to lay her eggs and have her babies....well at the very end - there was this one about how the birds apparently come swoop up the babies and fly off with them. Now I find that very sad and not funny at all.....but you have to admit that this diorama is pretty funny with the fake bird holding the (glued on) fake baby turtle in its mouth and flying off....well at least we thought it was pretty hilarious (Sorry baby turtles!!!)

Fun with horns.

Dinos! We have to wait till 2011 for the big dino exhibit to open back up again :(

running off .....

I thought this shadow was pretty great.

The end.
(yes.....I am very short)


  1. yay for the natural history museum!!! awesome shots!!

  2. Awww..the baby turtles!!!!
    Nice dinosaur shadow shot :)

  3. duh, your short! i love it! you're mini and I think it's great! Yeah for mini ttd sessions!!!! can't wait!

    p.s. i'm obviously in love with !'s

  4. ohhh man this is cool, the last ones are awesome!


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