Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Voted!

So I am not generally big on politics and don’t plan to bring much of it to my blog. But I just have a quick comment…… I voted! It was my first time voting, and I think it was the time to start taking interest and initiative in my/our future.

So this year I decided to do some research and make some decisions! Well at least give my little vote on the matter ;)

I filled out my absentee ballot last night, and while listening to the radio about the campaigns this morning I got the slightest bit teary eyed at the thought of the future and the change of the county, and that I had a little bit to say about it.

For a girl who is not too big on politics, this kind of hit me all of a sudden and now I am so excited about the future of our country, and cant wait to see what the results of this election are.

I seriously urge every one to get out and vote on November 4th. I am not going to sit here and tell you who and what props to vote for (even though I have a few strong feelings about it). But it’s truly an experience to just get out there and make a bit of a difference and have your voice herd.

On a side note, heck yeah for gas being under $3!

p.s. I know there have been a lot of personal entries as of late. . I promise there will be a photo entry soon!


  1. I voted too! ;) Absentee ballot all the way. LOL. although... sounds like we voted for a different person. LOL!!

    I know what your next entry can be about... a certain package I sent you with a camera strap slip cover in it... ahem. ;)

    ha ha ha!!!


  2. yay! we're not huge into politics either, but thought that vid was too funny to pass up! good for you!! and total hellz yah for gas under $3!

  3. OK! Nevermind!!! LOL! I was confusing you with another Blair. But, I do sell camera strap slip covers. ha ha ha!


  4. Vote vote vote!! Yeah the best thing about America. Way to cast your vote early!

  5. Vote vote vote!! Yeah the best thing about America. Way to cast your vote early!

  6. You are the right Blair!!! ha ha ha! I am a retard! ;)

  7. AAAAHHHHH, It's killing me, I have absentee voted since I turned 18 (the EASIEST way to vote!) But now I can't find my absentee ballot to send it in :( ahhhhhhh, gotta find it!


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