Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a "big" change!

So last year Bobbi (of bobbi + mike) set up this awesome weight loss “program” where every one encourages each other along the way, and I followed along and cheered for every one. At the time I was planning my wedding, and was not ready to completely put my heart into loosing any weight as much as I wanted to.

But to be completely honest, I’ve put on way too much weight over the past couple years. Even more while planning my wedding – and I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the stress that surrounded it as well as some other issues. But then even after the wedding! The last few months I’ve only been adding to my belly.

Let me just say, I’ve never "believed" in diets and it used to drive me nuts when people were so crazy about what they ate . It seriously drove me crazy! I always figured that you only live once, and to do what makes you happy – as I sat there confused at the people eating salads and I downed my chili cheese fries (sadly….this is not an exaggeration). I can admit that 70% (or more) of my diet consists of potatoes (..and cheese!) of some shape or form (and its not easy that I make the best potato creations in the entire world….I know…..I’m talented! ;D ). I’ve also always been really tiny. In high school I was running around Knott’s Berry Farm with a giant Snoopy costume on (not as some strange freak, but as my part time job!....well I was a little bit of a strange freak too, but I got paid for it) . So I guess that’s what kept me a bit smaller. But now….now… all of a sudden, even with my 4’11” frame, I’m not so tiny any more. Others might argue this, and its only because I feel like maybe I have been able to hide it pretty well in the past. But now that I am beyond tired all the time, and feel so sluggish and most importantly so very uncomfortable with myself. Its time for a change!

Sean and I did the whole wedding thing on our very own and needless to say – as the youngins we are ( trying to handle this world on our own, working multiple jobs, putting the hubby through school, crazy high rent, and just getting though day to day life) – we don’t exactly roll in the funds. As hard as we busted our butts for two years to pay for it all, (after much disappointment) we ended up canceling our honeymoon since it was just out of reach at the time . Luckily for us, a family trip came up that will allow us to take a trip for twice as long for half the cost. And we have the benefit of being able to save for it for a whole extra year. Plus instead of our one location that we were planning on before, we are now going to 7 different islands AND leaving from Puerto Rico! As the original honeymoon inspired me to save like crazy for the wedding, this revised (belated) honeymoon is now REALLY inspiring me to feel comfortable in my body for the trip. I really want to be able to wear a bathing suit and feel good about myself , look good for my new hubby , and get on the healthy train to prep myself for future additions to our family in a couple years.

So as motivation I bought myself an adorable new bathing suit for next years trip (from J.Crew!... still on the clearance rack, of course!)– after my first summer of my life searching and searching for one I like – only to be left in tears in the dressing room, and/or returning any thing I think may be okay (but then coming home to realize that I look like I could possibly have grandchildren while wearing it). And let me tell you, I've never thought of myself this way before – I'm a really confident person, and to be this torn up about how I look and feel is just not a good thing at all.

Alright, so its time to wrap up this confessional. So as of last week I have been eating great, working out a few days a week and I already feel much much better about myself. I was not sure if I would have the will power for this, but I feel like this is a new chapter of my life that I am excited about and I don’t even really want to eat “bad”. I am really excited to be hot! ;)

So I’m on board with Bobbi this time! (….oh , and Heather too!).

Wish me luck on my journey to being healthy!

p.s. after a long debate about weather or not our scale works properly with my husband, he convinced me that I may have actually lost 4lbs this week. Holla!

p.p.s. Oh I guess this is where I am supposed to declare my goal. My goal is to loose 25lbs by June. Believe me , that's big for me - especially since I'm not a tall girl.

p.p.p.s. I'm ready to drop it like its hot!.....yeah, I just went there.


  1.! we're on board with bobbi too! yay for being healthy!! let'!! whoo hoo!

  2. You go girl! I am so proud of you. If you ever need a pep talk give me a call. I've been eating crazy healthy for the last month or two and I feel amazing! Keep it up. And remember your goal, you will be soooo stoked on yourself. 4lbs. is awesome!!!

    GO BLAIR!!!


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