Thursday, October 30, 2008

A perfect morning.

I always do a lot of thinking on my way to work in the mornings. And today was no different. As the golden sun was reflecting on the back of the cars in front of me, and the dark blue clouds covered the sky – I was happy. This is my favorite time of year. I love the light breeze and snuggling up in sweaters. But today was a little bit different. I could feel the change in the air. Listing to the radio and thinking about the future of our country, I could not help but to be so excited at the thought of the change that is coming within the next week. I passed a gas station where the price was a little bit lower than the day before, I passed the meat shop where there was not a truck of chickens waiting for the store to open (known to put a damper on my morning mood) ,a beautiful song came on and I sang, and I thought of the future in a good way. Not just for the country and the economy, but for my personal life too. There are so many bad things going on all the time, and some times it’s really hard to deal with. But there are days like today where it’s easy to see how God is in my life, with the thoughts of what the future will bring , with the possibilities of my business growing , one day buying a home and expanding our family – and blessing me with golden light that reflects on the cars in front of me.

p.s. The next entry will contain photos from a recent family shoot, not my personal thoughts – I promise ;) ……but there are sure to be some photos you have not seen yet if you scroll down to the previous entries! :D ....(yeah, like 4 entries ago, but they are down there some place!)


  1. awesome post! i would hate to see the chickens every morning knowing their fate :(...

  2. Great post Blair, I love it when I have those days that really recharge and refresh me!

    Have a great Halloween!!!

  3. Ahh, my favorite days. I need to stop and have more like them...


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