Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jordan is 9 months old!

Jordan is already 9 months old! Can you believe it!?
He is one busy little man and makes every single day fly by!

Big things that have happened recently:

  • He crawls, and climbs, and he's fast, and gets into everything. (how I am not back to my pre-baby weight by now by chasing him around?...I have no idea!)
  • He now has 4 big teeth! :) (with more on their way)
  • He LOVES his momma and has MAJOR separation anxiety. :/
  • He is picking up more random words.
  • He pushes a ball back and forth with dad. 
  • He gets such crazy air when he's jumping in his crib, that it has now been moved to the lowest level it can go. (he's getting too big!)
  •  If there is any music on...on a commercial, on the radio, a tv show, in the grocery store, anywhere, any time...he dances. Bouncing, hands in the air, big smile, the whole thing. It's pretty awesome. 

 Here are a few fun pictures in the "front yard" of our apartment.





This hat is a little big (size 1-3 years), but it was too adorable to not take a few pictures of! I'm sure you will see it plenty more in the next couple years when it fits a little better ;)
You can find your own at this sweet Etsy store :


  1. Happy 9 months to Jordan! -G

  2. he's just gorgeous. love him!

  3. oops, that last comment was from me, Sue Ellen :)


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