Saturday, February 20, 2010

{ Baby Update! }

Just thought I would fill you in on the progress of our little growing baby , since he is the center of our lives these days…..

Wait…first can I just say that I am so sooooo blessed. Seriously people, my heart is so full of love – I can hardly stand it! I have an amazing husband (who has regular loving conversations with my belly ) , two perfect hilarious/cuddly dogs , a cozy little apartment to call our own, lots of work to keep us busy , the best family and friends ever , and this perfect little boy that will be joining our crazy/loving family in a few short months. Sure, we feel like we are ALWAYS working, and money is tight, but really - Life is so good! :)

So with that said, little Jordan has been busy busy busy having daily dance parties on his own in there, and I just love it. I just love him! :)

We got to go for a ultra sound at our doctors office this week to check on his development and to find out his gender (even though we already took it upon ourselves to go find out a little early).

Shocking update : He is still a boy! ;) …. & he is still perfect!

We have only had a few ultra sounds, but every time, it’s a tear-fest. I mean, how could you not get emotional seeing him moving and stretching, and doing the things he secretly does every day in there? I just can’t get over it. And since it’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I thought I would let ya’ll in on the magic. :) Enjoy!

And a few pictures ......

His strong little kicking legs:

Sweet little face:

Profile with his hand on his face :

and his 10 little toes :) :

xoxo - Sean and Blair


  1. thanks for including "us" in your experience - I look forward each post and/or FB post with the little details.

  2. Thats my little boy!

  3. how exciting!!!!! yeah baby jordan!!

  4. Awww I'm so excited for you my friend!!!!

  5. omg.. i love how active he was for the video! kaya was so sleepy she was pissed to be bothered. hahah!

  6. I have such a big smile on my face right now :)
    -Sue Ellen

  7. Thanks for sharing. That is so awesome.

  8. Aw Blair! I'm super excited for you and Sean! Can't wait to meet Baby Jordan!

  9. Blair! I LOVE the video.. it brought a tear to my eye! Im so excited for you guys!! Thank you soo much for sharing that video :)

  10. how do you get anything done during the day?! i would be watching the video all day! hes so sweet and perfect! i cant wait to see him!

  11. Oh my gosh! My heart is smiling after watching that video. So beautiful!


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