Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hubby and I - Trash the Dress

I mentioned in a previous post that Sean and I decided to take a few more pictures in my wedding dress before we say goodbye to it. We absolutely adore our wedding photos , but we wanted something a little extra edgy that screams “us”- to have and hold forever and ever.

As if I have not expressed it enough – we cannot get enough of the photo awesomeness that comes from Matt and Molly (of Mathieu Photography).We booked them over a year ago for our wedding and I’ve become a pretty big fan and totally look forward to all their yummy blog posts (I promise you, they get better and better with every single post) . So you can imagine how excited I was to see our TWO posts that just dropped. We had an amazing time with Matt and Molly, they are honestly so fun to work with, and just plain spend time hanging out with! (Even if my allergies can be a little difficult to deal with, and my makeup just melts away every time they take my picture! ;) ) .

Soooo…. Here are some of my favorites from the photos they just blogged , but be sure to hop on over their way and check them all out! (And don’t hesitate to leave them a little much deserved photo love).

Matt and Molly, I’m so glad that God put you into our lives, and I cant wait for your guys to capture even more of Sean and my future…..and for us to become even better friends!

Oh!….and when do you want to go on our coffee date? I am excited to hang out soon! :D


  1. love the pink tie! black and pink are my favorite. that's what i wore to my wedding ;)

  2. Yay for sunflare and yay for Matt and Molly. You guys are too cute!

  3. ALL OF THEM LOOK GREAT!!! My fave???? ... The picture where you and Sean are in the background between the two tree branches... <3


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