Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding for sale (dress/decorations)

After debating with myself for a little while, I decided it would be best for me to sell my wedding dress after we had gotten married. I figured that my kids will most likely be taller than I am so they wont be able to wear it, and to be honest – our apartment is just too small to hold on to it, and I could use the funding to pay off my card that the dress had originally been purchased on ;). Sean and I decided to take some additional fun pictures in my dress and get dressed up one more time before saying goodbye to my fun dress! We had our pictures taken this past weekend and we had a blast! I will be sure to post some here and share with every one when we get them!

So now the time has come to find my big pretty dress a new home….as well as all of my other wedding “things”.
When I was planning my wedding, I looked high and low for little things like candle holders and little d├ęcor elements on-line that were slightly used – trying to go the budget/green route. Surprisingly, I had no luck…at all! So I (along with most brides out there) dished out some good money on it all. Now that our wedding is over, I really hope that I might be able to pass on all of my little decorations (vases, candle holders galore, ring pillows, etc, etc, etc…..). I know that there’s got to be plenty of people out there planning weddings that don’t mind if a candle has been in a candle holder before for the sake of saving a little money ;)

So if you are interested in my wedding dress and/or the decorations – check out these two Craig’s list ads:

And on that note….I also have a couple adorable prom dresses that need a new home as well!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to come check it out by leaving a comment below! :)

Oh! And all items that are listed are still available. Items removed as they are picked up.


  1. Whoa hang on... no trash the dress shoot? ;)

  2. Ahh! I sooo hope it finds a good home soon too!

    ohhhh yes, there was a TTD shoot :) Those will be posted as soon as I get them back! But now its time for the dress to move on to a new bride.


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