Wednesday, December 10, 2008

San Diego Portrait Photography - { Maronee , Ryan and Brayden : Family Portraits! }

I know Maronee through my cousin Heather. I got to know Maronee a little better during a girl’s weekend in Huntington Beach (when we were out celebrating before Heather tied the knot this past summer). While we were out - Maronee and I talked and talked, and in the middle of it – her mom sent her a text message with a picture of Maronee’s son Brayden. She showed me his picture on her phone- and my heart melted right then and there. I knew that I HAD to take his picture! This little guy is just too adorable for words.

So Maronee dropped me an e-mail a couple weeks ago so that we could schedule a session for some Christmas gifts for her family – and I just so happened to be invited to a family party in San Diego that weekend so it worked out so perfectly – I got to hang out with Maronee and her family all day, and my awesome family that night (even though the hubby and in-laws could not make it).
Anyway…I am digressing a bit here….. I was so excited to take a few pictures of Maronee and Brayden since they are so gorgeous, then I met Ryan and he’s quite the handsome guy too! I got very lucky with this beautiful family! And not only did I get to follow them around the beautiful house, but we also met up with their BIG family at the beach afterward (the extended family photos will be posted next).

Okay okay…on to the photos…..

Are you kidding me with this cuteness!?

Did I mention that I LOVE this little guy!?

...and a little dramatic lighting


(I could not decide between these last two)

Maronee, thank you so much for keeping me in mind for your family photos. I am in love with Brayden, he has to be the sweetest most adorable little guy ever! He was such a trooper all day! I truly hope that my future children are as good as he is! ;) (I’m sure it has a lot to do with you and Ryan being such awesome , beautiful parents!)


  1. The eyes on that child! And the dog! And the vans! Great shots of all!

  2. O MY GOODNESS!!! I can't even pick!! There is too much cuteness going on here!!!!!!! I love ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! Too cute...Too funny... SO WONDERFUL!! LUCKY FAMILY. I CAN FEEL AND SEE ALL OF THE LOVE!!!


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