Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Northern California Wedding Photography - { Magon & Dustin : Married! }

Magon & Dustin flew me up to northern california for the holiday weekend to shoot their beautiful wedding held at the Wedgewood – Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park. It was a very busy weekend but I loved every minute of it! Magon looked stunning in her gown and Dustin was the most polite groom – he went out of his way to thank me for coming out in a very sweet way, and it meant the world to me. I was so happy to be there shooting their big day!

The flowergirl was following me around while the other girls were getting ready- helping me find a place to take some shoe shots and she wanted to get in on a couple pictures. She was too adorable.

Love this shot, so romantic!
So the flower girl decided to take a little bit of a break durring the ceremony.....

Run away groom - the credit goes to Magon and Dustin on this one, they came up with this fun idea.

Okay...I could not decide bewteen these two!

Magon and Dustin were referred to me by my good friend Meagan – Thanks Meagan…your next! ;)

Any friends and family that would like to view more photos from this wedding, or place an order, please e-mail me for link to the personal web page set up for Magon and Dustin. Blairvanbussel @


  1. Love the flower girl shot. SO funny! And the one where he is kissing her neck. Great job!

  2. love the golf cart and yes the beer :)

  3. I love the shot of the lacing. Very nice work!

  4. love the bride/groom with the bouquet in focus. great colors. nice and sharp and bright


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