Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pimp my Ride

Sooooo maybe I did not get to go on Pimp my Ride and meet Xzibit.....but my ride did get a bit of a make over. Its pretty hot.

Who would have thought that finding the most gigantic Hello Kitty sticker with bling to match would be that hard to find. Well, I ended up having to have it custom made, and Melanie over at the fab Etsy store If Walls Could Talk did an amazing job creating exactly what I wanted.I highly suggest sending her a message if there is any thing you want custom made.

(sorry for the bad camera phone picture)
You are going to have to see it in person though becasue the bling is not limited to the back window. Its all very exciting.
So this should hold me over in the fun depatment untill I am able to buy myself a nice new car ;)
Oh husband is really looking forward to driving this little thing around town now! ;)


  1. That might be the cutest thing EVER!

  2. That is pretty COOL! Hello Kitty ROCKS!

  3. what do you mean babe? I LOVE driving this little thing around, lol. oh man your outta hand


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