Saturday, July 19, 2008

My New Face

Well......a new face to the part time business.....
(.... I finally got around to posting them per the requests of the oh so lovely Hanssie Trainor and David & Kim over at Ohana Photography )

I ordered my cards from and I am pretty much in love with them. Simple as that.
They are made of very exciting thick card stock. And the very best part is that every single card has a diffrent photo on the front. These cards are so much more fun and well.....more me!


  1. those are killer!! i love all the different pictures!!! sa-weet!!! hey if we can't harass you to show your stuff who will ;)

  2. AWESOME! I love the green. MooCards is the best.

  3. This is cool! I love your blogs back gournd! you are rockin it.

  4. Sweet new cards! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!!

  5. The best thing ever is to feel super proud and excited about your business cards. That way you hand them out to everyone with a big smile on your face! My suggestion, get an awesome case to put them in. i have my eye on this shinny one with lots of sparkles at the moment.


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