Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Thoughts.....

Things that are running though my mind……

*My new tattoo is sooooooo itchy!!!

*I would really like to have some pictures taken of me to put on my web page.

*I can’t freakin wait to see my wedding pictures….they should be posted by the photographers to a web page any time in the very near future- and I know they will be amazing!

*Is that guy from I Survived a Japanese Game Show not pretty much the exact same person as the dad from Wizards of Waverly Place? ……..they could be brothers!

*I really wish I had more funding to pay off my credit cards :(

*I think I need a spicy chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box… right now.

*I LOVE my new business cards ……I can’t wait to give them out. Want one? :)

*I am super excited to get my hair cut on Saturday …’s been a long time coming (after letting it grow for the wedding) .

*I want to take some fun pictures!....and not be at my 8-5 job right now .

*I have to edit A LOT of pictures, get a smog check and pay registration, get gas on my way home, go through all my wedding stuff and get it organized for my Craig’s List buyer to come pick it all up, and wash my hair….Pronto.

*I pretty much have the best tan I have ever had in my life right now. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I did not go outside once last summer, and my skin is proud of me for bringing it into the day light this year.

* I have a love/hate relationship with Betsy Johnson. I’ve never been a big brand name girl, but I can’t get enough of any thing with her name on it (butt….I only have one thing of hers!). But it’s not the name…I haven’t turned into that girl….it’s just all simply adorable, but oh so expensive. Next time I see one of her cute bags at TJ Max (at the maximum discount)….I’m all over it!

* I am pumped about my boudoir project coming up in November…..stay tuned for more info on that!

annnnd these little gnome friends to end things , cuz thats just the kind of mood I'm in.......


  1. ah come on let's see pics of your biz cards and tattoo!!! this post cracked me up!!

  2. When did you get married?

    I love my business cards too, but I want to see yours. Post one!

    And I completely agree about the credit card thing...oh if only I could get those things paid off...I would probably rack them up again!


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