Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My new adventure in the works

I’ve always loved getting creative and letting my personality shine through my work. Photography is a really hands on type of “project”, but I am really itching to let some creative juices flow in more of a crafty way. I have this big idea that I am ready to put into action! (It will be a fun fusion with my photos incorporated).

During my wedding planning I have fallen deeply in love with Etsy and all the endless handmade treasures. Any thing I need, I know I can go there and find exactly what I am looking for – and feel really good about where it’s coming from. Well, soon I will a very excited seller on there too, and can’t wait to join the amazing community! :) I will be sure to let every one know when I am up and running (which probably wont be toooooo soon, only because I think I need to focus on getting my wedding wrapped up before I jump into my new adventure – but we shall see). But soon enough my friends! I really hope this idea is something other people will enjoy as much as I will!

So I will leave you with that little bit of excitement for now and promise to let you know when it is up in full swing.

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