Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attn: Awesome Photographers

So the only right thing to do is to post a photo of myself so my clients know what kind of crazy girl they are about to start this photo journey with……..but yeah, I am running short on headshots. And my sad attempt at a self portrait is nothing to brag about.

If there are any photogs out there that would like to do me the amazing favor of taking my photo – I would be forever grateful. Although I am running low in the money department (…..with all the wedding vendors I owe lots of money to next month), I would be happy to work something out (weather it be to assist, exc…your call!.).

Please contact me if you would like to help a sista ( /struggling photograper) out ;)

p.s. I promise it will be a great time (because of course…. I am fun like that)

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