Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our wedding location / Sunday brunch!

This past Sunday I went to brunch with my fiancé and a handful of our good friends – most of them are in our wedding party. This brunch was extra special…. (not only because of our bottomless glasses of champagne ;) ) ….because it is at the location that our wedding and reception will be held. It was so nice to be reminded of how beautiful the place is and how great it will be when the big day comes about 12 weeks from now! This was also the first time that most of them have seen the place, so it was really exciting for all of us. After brunch we walked a few steps down to the harbor (just below the restaurant) and walked around and relaxed.

I shot a few fun pictures while we were down there!

Sean and I on the bottom right & and our best friends

My MOH Danielle and friend Jenny

Best man Jon and Bridesmaid Alexis

Our really good friends Josh and Sue Ellen



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