Friday, March 14, 2008


Some how I was talked into going to the park with my fiancé and a couple friends to plan tennis. Hummm yeah, not a good idea AT ALL. I did terrible, but I sure as heck gave it my best effort. After I put every one through the torture of playing tennis with me- I talked them all into going to the playground. Sure we are adults, and it was a little late. But man was it fun!

Things have been so crazy with our wedding planning lately, especially that day. It was nice to let loose for a little bit . So with my expertise in the matter, I say you should go out one night and play at the park. It was good for my soul …. [Oh and my body needed the work out too…it was obvious the next day ;) ]

Here are some fun/crazy/ghostly pictures I took while playing around at the playground.

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