Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jordan is 5 months old!

Jordan is five months old! Its crazy how fast it has gone so far - we have had a lot of learning experiences and SO much fun! Sean made this sweet video to show just a few of them, and some fun moments so far.
I just love that you can see him growing so much through the video clips.

Enjoy! :)


  1. OMGOSH!!!! This boy is amazing! Love the video!
    -'Uncle Sue'

  2. Blair!!! He is just to die for. Adorable video, I love it!!

  3. Soooooo precious! He is growing so fast.

  4.!!!!! the scaredy cat part made me think of the part in ice age where diego says, "where's the baby!" so dang cute! he's perfect and oh yah, GO CHARGERS!!!! bringin' j up right!

  5. Blair your family is adorable and jordan is way way way adorable. You and Sean are super blessed with that little bundle. Hope that we can meet up again soon and all of us with our kiddos can meet too. :)


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