Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ Pink or Blue? }

So I am torn between whether I think the little baby I am growing is a boy or a girl. At first I was pretty convinced that it was a boy – only because I have had my future daughter named, and have had everything down to her bedroom details planned out in my head for YEARS. And whenever Sean and I have talked about our future child in the past, we have always assumed the first baby would be a girl – always talking about what “she” was going to do, or what we were going to do with “her”.  But then recently I started to really think it was a girl…..along with A LOT of other people. But Sean is pretty sure it’s a boy! But in all honestly, of course we will be beyond happy with whatever God decides to give us. I know the baby will be amazing regardless of the gender!

So any way, we have our gender ultra sound scheduled for this weekend and we just can’t wait!!! I think the most exciting thing for the both of us is to actually call the baby by name! Oh and um, of course start shopping!! So exciting!!!

Alrighty, so…… what do you think? Is “Baby VB” a boy or a girl?

The answer will be posted early next week after we get the chance to share with our family first! :)
Oh and we have both names picked out (boy or girl), so I will be sure to share that fun detail too!

I will leave you with a couple pictures that a friend and my hubby shot of me during our portrait sessions over the last couple weekends. Baby and I make a good photo team (and Sean too of course!) ;)


  1. Sabrina says...
    Little girl... Love you baby VB

  2. I'm gonna vote GIRL! There are so many boys being born right now that you could do an arranged marriage! :)

  3. Boy. FOR SURE. 100%. hehe

  4. I have a baby boy and he is AMAZING, but I also hope we have a girl (haha). Either way, it'll be the best and most beautiful thing you've ever done!

    BTW, You make the most adorable pregnant lady!

  5. Did mine post? TEAM BOY

  6. Im joining TEAM BOY!!! Brayden needs a BOY cousin to play with... Of course he will love his girl cousin(if baby VB is a girl)

    Love you 3 :)

  7. I am going to say boy!!!

  8. Awww Blair you are too cute!!! i am going to say BOY! hehe!

  9. It's a girl for sure!!! Love you B!
    -Sue Ellen

  10. HEY let's just go for HEALTHY ok?

    we did don't ask don't tell 3 times, got three BOYS hehehehehehehe

  11. It's a BOY!!!

  12. Boy!! Can't wait to find out :)

  13. woo hoo!!! i'm gonna say boy, since everyone i know is having girls or have had girls. :)


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