Monday, May 25, 2009

Flipside Designs = Awesome.

So the ever amazing Flipside Designs contacted me today saying that my sample album design is complete. As in, I JUST sent them the pictures not long ago AT ALL, and its done. Not only done, but perfect. And I freakin love it. Not only do they bust out with quick designs, but have the best customer service in history. But I would not exactly call it customer service, more like a growing friendship - because they are just THAT fun to work with ;) . I honestly cannot wait till I can use Flipside for albums, not only for me to show off to potential clients, but to actually hand over to my brides with their own wedding images. I know that it will just be the icing on the cake when it comes to getting them an amazing album , that they will truly treasure for years to come.

So I am obvously so stoked to get this album ordered from KISS , and to get it in the hands of all my potential bride and grooms, I'm sure they will want to take it home, even though there are no pictures of them in it. Its that good.

So check it out already..... click here!

I highly suggest checking out Flipside Designs for your album designing, I stronly belive that it is something that you should "outsource" and leave to the real experts to give your customers an even better experiance, and an amazing album that will be absolutly stunning in every way.

Hope you all had a perfect (and safe) Memorial day!


  1. Blair you are truly amazing!!!!! THank you so much for your kind words. Cant wait to design your next album.

  2. it looks incredible blair!!! chris is pure awesomeness!!!

  3. doh!!! it looks incredible blair!!! chris is pure awesomeness!!!


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