Monday, January 21, 2008

“Whatever package you come in, put a bow on it!”- Chenin Boutwell (an amazing photographer)

I have just recently been exposed to Chenin’s awesome photography and I love her photos and her perspective!

Chenin was featured on the DBUI blog and when asked:
What advice do you have for photographers just starting out? , she responded :

"Be true to yourself! If you are truly genuine, decisions about what to shoot,
how to shoot, how to brand and market yourself - all of it - becomes so easy.
Plus, it sucks to be constantly trying to be someone else. I have a saying that
I use almost daily - “whatever package you come in, put a bow on it!” "

I love her advice and I think it’s so right on! And the quote is one for the books! I adore it, and will now and forever hold on tight to it. And although I am very casual, outgoing and like to have a good time, I always thought that being this person will eventually hit home for my clients. I hope to always mix business with pleasure – after all this business is my pleasure and I hope to share that passion and out look with any one in front of my little ole camera.

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