Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trash the Dress

I am in love with “Trash the Dress” photos, and any other fun unique ideas in general.

Disclaimer: I know some people are haters and think it’s the worst thing you could possibly do to your wedding dress when you have paid so much money for it, or if you can donate it. I’ve read these responses to all blogs regarding the topic. In reality we all know you don’t have to destroy the dress, you can get it pretty filthy then clean it up and donate it if you wish. No harm done.

Any way, I think it’s an awesome idea to have a little fun in these dresses that you really will never wear again – and give it one last bang for the buck before it’s in the very back of your closet…like wayyy back there where you never see it again! Were talking Narnia status guys, so ya might as well have some fun ;)

People are doing these after their weddings to seal the deal or to wear it one last time, or whatever the reason . High School Seniors are also doing this in their prom dresses as some awesome Senior portraits.

I had the chance to do some really awesome portraits and they were posted on the Drown the Gown blog. This blog is dedicated to the senior portrait type TTD photos, and is the sister site of the Trash the Dress blog. SO I was super stoked to have my photos posted on the site , they chose the photos that they wanted to use, so I will go ahead and post my favorites here. These are not so much TTD , but were taken durring the same session and I thought I would post them becasue they were just too fun! :)

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