Saturday, January 3, 2009

La Mirada Portrait Photography - { Eva : Head shots ! }

So I just wrote this long heartfelt blog about 2008 and my appreciation for all who have supported me this year...and uploaded our Christmas card and all that fun jazz.....then my internet went down, and some how it completely disappeared. Major bummer! Hopefully I will get hit by the same inspiration and I can rewrite it all soon.... but in the mean time,I have a quick preview of a few head shots to share!

Eva and I went to high school together. She recently contacted me about snapping some photos of her for a few sample head shots, of course I was very happy to do so!
It was really nice to walk around the park next to our old High School and catch up .Eva was much more into a serious sassy look than the big cheesy smiles I usually get out of people....but I can totally roll with that too, and loved changing it up a bit.
So here are just a few images from our mini-session before I head out the door.......


  1. Seriously, don't you hate that? I rewrote my lost 2008 review post and it's still not the same...grrr...Love the headshots though!

  2. omg!!! hahah u are such a sweetie! hahahah....sassyy. =P u read me well. =) thanks so much again! i cant wait to see the rest! oooo i like this body shot one...

  3. Nice Blair! Headshot sessions are fun. Thanks for the bloggerific comment, too! =)

  4. Well Hello gorgeous. Can we say my screen almost melted when i saw these!!!


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